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हिंदू दमन, भारत का दमन है, हम सबका दमन है

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India: Muslims from all walks of life flock to gloat over Hindu journalist’s death

India: Muslims from all walks of life flock to gloat over Hindu journalist’s death

Popular nationalist senior journalist Rohit Sardana succumbed to Covid-19 last week. His sudden demise brought the nationalists in India to a standstill; millions broke down in tears as Twitter went abuzz with condolences pouring in from politicians, media personalities and fans. But there also came celebratory tweets, storms of laughter and piles of smile emojis gloating over the death of a man of 41, who left a mourning wife and two children behind.

But who would celebrate a death in a civilized society? Some Muslims could! Muslim politicians, youth leaders, journalists and activists celebrated the passing away of a lone nationalist journalist, and more so, that of a religious Hindu.

A popular columnist from a leftist media platform, Sharjeel Usmani, abused the deceased as a “pathological liar” and “genocide enabler,” and declared that Rohit Sardana shall not be remembered as a journalist. After receiving heavy flak from Sardana’s followers, Usmani’s supporters descended in large numbers, backing Usman on Twitter.

Mohammad Ibrar, a correspondent for India’s leading news daily, the Times of India, took to Twitter to assert: “Death doesn’t absolve crimes.” He insisted that Sardana had committed “crimes against humanity” and that his alleged misdeeds should be highlighted at this moment as well.

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