Friday, December 9Persecution of Sanatani/Hindus is Our Persecution.

हिंदू दमन, भारत का दमन है, हम सबका दमन है |

West Bengal: Islamic Persecutions of Hindus. Post Election 2021

West Bengal: Islamic Persecutions of Hindus. Post Election 2021

As per Islamic scholars in the world, Islam is 80% politics and 20% majhab. Jihad is the foundational element of Islam, driving it’s expansion on the planet earth through targeted, planned violence, Sharia, a net result of the solid concept of Jihad. Thus persecution comes naturally to Islam.

Persecution of Kafir through Sharia and Jihad is a facilitating factor to expand Islam, convert kafir and change a geographical area from Darul-e-Harb to Darul- e-Islam.

It is an on-going process and every Muslaman participate in this holy process according to the capacity and ability across the world.

If we look at recent history Mapla, Kerala Genocide of Kafirs/Hindus, In 1946, “Direct Action Day” took place to persecute kafirs in west Bengal, In 1947 almost 11lakhs kafirs/Hindus got killed in the making of Pakistan. In 1990 Jihad happened in Kashmir, killing and displacing 6 lakhs kafirs/Hindus. These are the Jihad milestone of India. Apart from these bigger jihadi incidents 1000s of place have got vacated from Kafirs/Hindus like Meeruth, Matiana, Kairana., Murshidabad, Burdhmaan, Malda, … endless names.

On May 3rd 2021 after the result of West Bengal election the same Direct Action Day of 1946 got repeated. All across West Bengal the houses of kafirs brunt, looted, women were raped, people killed. In Nanoor, Birbhum 1000s of families of Kafirs/Hindus flee from their home to hide in jungle, Paddy field to save their lives from Jihadi Musalman.

Veteran journalist Swapan Das Gupta reported through social media

Whether Bengal, Bihar, Kerala, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, US, UK the pattern of Jihad is same, and the result of Jihad is also same making a place from Darul harb to Darul Islam.

The Persecution of Kafirs is not going to end the world get united and fight the majhabi killing machine “Jihad” to save the humanity in the world.

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