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CNN publishes pro-jihad piece advertising protests in support of ‘Palestinian’ jihad terror in US cities

CNN publishes pro-jihad piece advertising protests in support of ‘Palestinian’ jihad terror in US cities

This is how the establishment media is working to normalize the “Palestinian” jihad. This CNN article is entirely one-sided, giving the impression that Israel attacked the “Palestinians” gratuitously and is oppressing them. Nary a pro-Israel voice is heard.

Nor does CNN bother to inform its readers that Samidoun supports jihad terrorists. One would never get the impression from this article that there is any jihad terrorism at all.

“Protests in support of Palestinians expected across the United States,” by Alaa Elassar and Alisha Ebrahimji, CNN, May 22, 2021:

(CNN)Protesters are expected to rally in cities across the United States this weekend in support of Palestinians, as Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire ending days of destruction and bloodshed….

Samidoun, an international network of organizers and activists working to support Palestinian political prisoners, has published a growing list of global protests planned for this weekend, which it continues to update. As of Friday, it highlighted more than 40 events on Saturday and more than 15 on Sunday in the US.

The events are planned for nearly every major US city, including New York, Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Portland.

Protests are also expected to take place internationally, including in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, South Africa and Pakistan.

Nader Mirfiq, 33, participated in a protest in New Orleans, Louisiana, last weekend. Mirfiq told CNN he wanted to help “open people’s eyes worldwide on the injustices happening in Gaza and in Palestine.”

“This is about being human beings and fighting for what’s right,” he said. “We want justice and we want it now.”

Adil Abbuthalha, who attended a protest in Sacramento, California, said the marches gave him hope for a just and peaceful resolution to the decades-old conflict.

“The unity we saw, regardless of religion or ethnicity, it speaks volumes for the people in Palestine,” Abbuthalha, 23, said. “They are starting to see their voices being heard, and change is around the corner.”

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