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UK: Muslim cleric says ‘the only solution is jihad,’ calls for Muslim countries to wage war against Israel

UK: Muslim cleric says ‘the only solution is jihad,’ calls for Muslim countries to wage war against Israel

Once again we see here the aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that everyone ignores, to the detriment of their analyses. Find out why it is so damaging to ignore the Islamic aspect of the conflict in The Palestinian Delusion.

“EXCLUSIVE: Birmingham cleric calls for Islamic holy war on Israel,” The JC, May 20, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Radical Birmingham cleric Shaykh Asrar Rashid, who once labelled the Queen a “disgusting woman”, has called on Muslim states to wage holy war and launch air strikes to drive “cowardly” Jews out of Israel.

In a chilling video on Islamic news site 5Pillars, the Birmingham cleric said the “only solution” to the Israel conflict was “jihad” by Muslim-majority countries.

He called for air strikes on Tel Aviv, which, he boasted, would have Israelis with European passports “running back to Europe” as he mocked “the Jews … as a cowardly nation”.

The comments came during an online debate on the conflict in Israel and Gaza. Co-hosts Dilly Hussain, deputy editor at 5Pillars website, and Dr Salman Butt, chief editor of the Islam21C website, listened to the cleric’s controversial views.

At one point Mr Hussain, who regularly appears as a commentator on Middle East affairs on Sky, BBC and Channel 4, appeared to smirk, though he later claimed to have been reacting to a private message sent during the broadcast. 5Pillars’ position was “clarified” at the end, he added.

The discussion, held on 10 May, on “Israel’s brutal aggression” covered the roles and responsibilities of other Muslim majority states.

The cleric, who preaches in mosques in Birmingham, said: “Personally I believe the only solution is jihad, and a call for jihad – an announcement for jihad by Muslim majority states that we have. Even surgical strikes or wallpaper strikes, the type that Saddam Hussein did in the early Nineties, I believe, 39 rockets he fired into Tel Aviv, and every Jew was running into his shelter. Those with a European passport would be running back to Europe.

“You see the way they react to Katyusha missiles or Kasam missiles that do not even kill anyone, they run into their shelters so the Jews are known as… a cowardly nation.”

In comments now removed from the site, the cleric added that while neither Pakistan or Turkey would be expected to carry out a ground invasion, Afghanistan alone could invade as the Taliban had “recently defeated the mighty America”.

“So America has been defeated by tribesmen from Afghanistan,” he said. “Do not think anyone is invincible.”

The cleric labelled the Queen a “disgusting woman” after she knighted Salman Rushdie….

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