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France bans pro-Palestinian protests for ‘serious disturbance of public order’

France bans pro-Palestinian protests for ‘serious disturbance of public order’

The disruptive and sometimes violent pro-Palestinian protests across the EU have led to a French government ban on pro-Palestinian rallies.

The passionate calls for the obliteration of Israel at these demonstrations are appalling and have no place in Western countries. Western countries have tolerated the absurd, from protestors blocking railway tracks and roadways to outright violence, including stone- and bottle-throwing.

Note the propaganda in the article below against this ban. Any policy that does not advance the Islamic supremacist cause, including the jihad against Israel, is labeled “Islamophobic” or “far right.” A Muslim activist, Yasser Louati, head of the Justice and Liberties For All Committee in France, predictably called the “decision to ban pro-Palestine protests in Paris is a ‘continuation of the racist policies of France.’” To think that people still fall for this overused trick, which is intended to aid the spread of the jihad globally, using the Palestinians as a rallying point.

Meanwhile, this much-needed restriction has already failed:

In Paris, police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse a pro-Palestinian rally held despite a ban by authorities, who feared a flare-up of anti-Semitic violence during the worst fighting between Israel and Hamas in years.

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