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Qatar’s former Health Minister: ‘Gaza leads the way in jihad and in courage’

Qatar’s former Health Minister: ‘Gaza leads the way in jihad and in courage’

It’s a jihad, he says. No one listens or understands the implications of his statement.

The single most important aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the one that is most often ignored: the role of Islamic doctrine in inciting hatred of Israel. Get the details in The Palestinian Delusion.

“Former Qatari Health Minister In Ode To The Gazan Terrorists: ‘Gaza Leads The Way In Jihad And In Courage’; Its Rockets Were Like ‘Suns’ That Terrified The Israelis And Brought Joy And Pride To The Arabs,” MEMRI, June 1, 2021:

On May 27, 2021,  the Qatari daily Al-Sharq published a poem by Qatar’s former health minister, cardiologist Dr. Hajar Ahmad Al-Bin’ali, glorifying the Gazan organizations for their recent round of fighting with Israel. The poem, titled “The Intifada of Laylat Al-Qader,” is written in the form of a traditional qasidah (ode). It lavishes praise on the Gazans who “led the way in jihad and in courage” and whose rockets “illuminated the earth,” terrifying the Israelis and bringing  pride and joy to the Arabs. Extolling the Gazans for heeding the call of Jerusalem,  and calling to “expel the filthy Zionists from Al-Aqsa,” the poem also curses the Arabs and Muslims for not coming to the Gazans’ aid.

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