Tuesday, December 6Persecution of Sanatani/Hindus is Our Persecution.

हिंदू दमन, भारत का दमन है, हम सबका दमन है

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Bharat Vikhandan

Bharat Vikhandan

Bharat Vikhandan is a book that speaks in favour of the latent potential within India and its diverse culture. It argues that the country's integrity is being diluted by three prominent Western cultures and discusses the resulting effects of the process. This book examines the origins of the famous Dravidian movement that shaped the vast culture of our nation, while also focusing on the Dalit Identity and its current situation. It has been also noted that the book predominantly concentrates on the subordination, surveillance and subversion of Independent India. Bharat Vikhandan makes for a powerful read while closely observing the changing trends in modern India and questioning the reasons behind its growth and eventual dilution. It makes for an eye-opener and is a wakeup call to th...