Tuesday, December 6Persecution of Sanatani/Hindus is Our Persecution.

हिंदू दमन, भारत का दमन है, हम सबका दमन है

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There Is A Need To Recognize The Persecutions

Happening Against Sanatani/Hindus.

Because Sanatani/Hindus are facing persecutions all over the world. There are many types of persecutions happening against them, depending on the geographical, cultural environment.

In countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Middle East, India, Sanatani/Hindus are facing different kind of persecutions, than they are facing in western world like in US, Canada, UK, France, Russia, Turkey, Europe etc.

Persecutions against Sanatani/Hindus are largely ignored by the whole segment of society like media, academics, civil societies, administrative institutions, constitutional institutions, legal institutions etc.

Non-availability of concentrated data and reports are making the situation even worse for the persecuted Sanatani/Hindus.

There is a need to have a formal framework to recognize the different kinds of persecutions happening against Sanatani/Hindus, in different geographical areas. and disseminate the persecutions data and stories across the world.

These data and reports will become the voice of Persecuted Sanatani/Hindus and the world will have to listen and take steps to stop persecution against them.